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At Destination Catering we specialize in catering business lunches, office meetings, tradeshows, and conventions.
With Breakfast, Box lunches, Hot entree buffets,  and Afternoon Snack BreaksDestination Catering offers you customized corporate catered options.
With our unique customized menus we  can easily cater your company dinner party, galas, fundraisers, or holiday office party.
Every corporate event is tailored to fit your business needs.

Deli 24, a division of Destination Catering, has been serving fresh breakfast and lunch entrees within corporate office complexes across the DFW Metroplex.
Deli 24 is a corporate office food service provider.
We provide employees with an excellent dine-in option,Serving the DFW area, Destination Catering
Deli 24 will provide the best corporate catering services that are fast, friendly, and professional.


Individual Bags of Popcorn 1.50
buttery, caramel, or cheese

Assorted Kettle Chips 1.50
Small Cookies 1.00
Large Cookies 1.50
Assorted Mini Pastries 3.75
Brownie/Lemon Bars 1.75
Individual Sweet/ Salty 1.50
Assorted Granola/ Nutri Grain Bars 1.50

Orders are based on 20 guests, surcharges apply if lower. Destination Catering /Deli 24 reserves the right to substitute based on availability


panini’s include chips, soda or water
Warm Turkey Club Panini 9.95
oven roasted turkey breast, smoked bacon, swiss cheese, and garlic mayo
Turkey Panini 9.95
smoked turkey, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, and avocado mayo
Chicken Pesto Panini 9.95
grilled chicken breast, homemade pesto, tomatoes, and provolone cheese
Fresh Italian Panini 9.95
Fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, and fresh basil topped with roasted garlic spread
Italian Panini 9.95
ham, salami, and pepperoni, provolone, tomatoes, and topped with spicy jardiniere

Hot lunch catering options and pricing*******
(attach link with hot catering menu here)




DELI 24 Buffet 9.00

create your own sandwich from a selection of roasted turkey, over roasted beef, shaved ham, cheddar, Swiss, American cheese, freshly baked breads, pasta or potato salad, chips

DELI 24 Executive Deli Buffet 12.50

create your own sandwich from a selection of roast turkey, grilled chicken. Italian roast beef, ham, provolone, munster, colby, and swiss cheeses, served on an assorted of breads, rolls, croissants and focaccia, and choice of Caesar salad or baby green salad with chips and cookie

 Box Lunch 8.75
with 20oz soda or water 9.75

A selection of individual box lunches will include a variety of roast turkey, oven roasted beef, and shaved ham sandwiches on an assortment of breads with cheeses, lettuce and tomato, accompanied by a salad, chips, and cookies

FRESH SALADS *all salads come with dinner rolls and butter

California Style Cobb Salad 8.50

an appetizing array of chicken breast, blue cheese, black olives, crumbled bacon, and diced tomatoes served on a bed of mixed lettuce greens

DELI24 Chefs Salad 8.00

a selection of ham, turkey, cheddar, and swiss julienned over a bed of mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers, choice of dressing

Summer Salad 8.50

mixed lettuce with toasted walnuts, blue cheese, sliced apples tossed with grape tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette

Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad 8.50

baby spinach, grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, red onions, shredded Monterey jack cheese, sliced eggs, and bacon with poppy seed dressing

Baby Green Salad 8.00

greens with sliced strawberry, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, aged balsamic vinaigrette


Assorted Wrap Tray 140.00

Roasted turkey, ham, roasted beef, chicken, and tuna salad wrapped in a flower tortilla with assorted cheeses, lettuce, and tomatoes

Mini Sandwich Tray 65.00                  Full Size Sandwich Tray  120.00

Fresh baked dinner rolls filled with roasted turkey, smoked ham, roasted beef, and assorted cheeses

Gourmet Mini Sandwich Tray 90.00

Smoked turkey and white cheddar on pretzel roll, ham an havarti on brioche roll, grilled sirloin and swiss on mini onion roll

Orders are based on 20 guests, surcharges apply if lower. Destination Catering /Deli 24 reserves the right to substitute based on availability

Menu pricing and availability subject to change



Coffee Services 20.00
regular and decaf air pots, cream, sugar (services 12-15)
Hot Tea 1.50 each
regular, flavored, herbal and decaf available, served with hot water
and fresh lemon wedges
Juice 1.25
assorted bottles 10oz
Bottled Water 1.50
Soda 1.50
Energy Drinks 3.00
Milk/Cool Chugs 1.75
Morning Munchies
Yogurt and Granola Parfaits 3.50
Bagels with Cream Cheese 1.75
Assorted Pastries 1.75
Dannon Yogurts 1.50
Fresh Fruit Tray 3.50 perp person
Whole Fruit 1.25
apple, orange, banana, pear
Granola Bars/Nutri Grain 1.50
The Continental 5.25
assortment of fresh- baked muffins, pastries, and chewy bagels, freshly
brewed regular decaf coffee
The Executive Continental 6.75
assortment of fresh- baked muffins, pastries, and chewy bagels, fresh fruit trays, freshly
brewed regular decaf coffee 
Early Risers
Breakfast Croissant 7.50
a flaky buttery croissant layered with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and ham or crispy bacon, and seasoned hash brown

Breakfast Sandwich 7.00
toasted English muffin with egg, cheese, sausage patty or bacon, seasoned hash brown

Heart Healthy Sandwich 8.25
toasted English muffin with egg whites, white cheddar, and turkey bacon, seasoned hash brown

Traditional French Toast Breakfast 10.50
golden brown French Toast, dusted with powdered sugar, accompanied by butter, maple syrup served with scrambled eggs, sausage patties, seasonal fruit tray, freshly brewed regular and decaf coffee

Bagel Works 4.95
assorted chewy bagels with butter, flavored cream cheese, freshly brewed regular and decaf coffee (also available with smoked fish, red onion, and capers for additional charge)

Individual Breakfast Quiche, No Crust- Gluten Free 3.95
minimum 20-choice of one
ham and cheddar, roasted veggies and white cheddar, spinach and wild mushroom, bacon and swiss

Breakfast Casseroles with Potato Bottom (choice of one)
ham and cheddar, roasted veggies and white cheddar, spinach and wild mushroom, bacon and swiss

Quiche Casserole         ½ pan yields 10-12 servings 26.00                                             Full pan yields 22-24 servings 48.50

Oatmeal Bar 3.95
homemade oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins, craisins, and sliced bananas (add fresh fruit to oatmeal bar 2.95)


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